Our guests stay is made even more comfortable thanks to the available equipment and to our staff professionalism that thanks to a range of proposed services can offer the right solution to the various needs.


Agritourism Rinidia Bio offers to its guests an infinity pool, common used by all the guests, about twelve by five metres and no more than one metre and forty centimetre in depth. From the swimming pool it is possible to admire the beautiful and calm Sienese countryside with its hills and well cultivated fields. It offers the maximum safety to families with children who want to spend enjoyable relaxing days.


Rinidia Bio agriculture company has been producing fresh certified organic vegetables and fruit already for five years. The twelve hectares surroundigs the structure are cultivated this way: about six hectares as an orchard and the other part in crop rotation with seasonal vegetables.

The agricultural production of the company respects the natural balance, maintaining the soil fertility by the use of organic fertilizers. It renounces to use of chemical substances and gets back to traditional methods as green manure and crop rotation. The project of producing organic and seasonal food grows from the love for the environment and from the knowledge that a natural nutrition brings many advantages both to our taste and to our health. This is why we make available our abundant organic vegetables production for our guests who can enjoy for free depending on seasonal availability. All our products are certified by Bios.

Other services

  • Bicycles for guests for free
  • Fitness area situated on an outdoor patio with cyclette e tapis roulant
  • Free and unattended parking
  • Bedclothes, toilette towels, swimming pool towels and napery included.
  • Guided tours of Siena with an authorized tour guide, who will show you the cultural and artistic gems of Palio city.
  • Themed private tours with 9 seats car renting and driver, who will guide and show you Chianti, San Giminiano, Monteriggioni, Montalcino, outlets.
  • Excursions with a guide who can lead you for walking or cycling tours through the woods of Val di Merse and through the Sienese territory, full of villages, castles and hermitages.
  • Horse riding
  • Cooking class
  • Bicycles, Vespas and motorscooter renting
  • Guided visits in the wine cellars of Sienese area.