Rinidia Bio

TheRinidia Bio Agritourism located at the foot of Sienese Montagnola, among woods and olive groves, offers to its guests a beautiful view of the Tuscan nature and landscape.

A few km far from Siena, in Tuscany, the structure is composed by eight spacious and independent apartments resulting from the restoration of an ancient artifact once used as stable. The restoration has been conducted with exceptional attention for the respect of the local architectural traditions, characteristic of the Sienese countryside. The interiors, accurately and comfortably furnished, denote Tuscan traditions with beamed ceilings and furnishings focused on the rural tradition, wrought-iron beds and poor art furnishings.

Rinidia Bio agritourism today shows itself as a little mirror of Tuscany: a farmhouse surrounded by a coloured organic garden, olive trees and orchards. A beautiful infinite pool, overlooking a blooming aromatic garden, refreshes the sultry summer days.

Rinidia Bio project grow in this charming place, a few km from Siena, where the swallows come back to nest since forty years. The name wants to be a tribute to the three generations who contributed to the creation of this fertile place and to the swallows that since ever whirl above this part of the world.